When the Cat’s Away

My wife likes to go away with girlfriends for the weekend from time to time which gives me the opportunity to clean house. Before she returns you will find me scouring the sink, vacuuming the furniture and carpet, polishing the silver, and organizing the fridge. I use a small and inexpensive vacuum that works pretty well. We always talk about getting a high-powered new one, but unless this one fails, I don’t see the point. If you buy appropriately, your vacuum (even one that sells for under $100), will last a lifetime. Just clean the bag and dust it off now and then.

I am pretty busy and it doesn’t always fall on me to take care of the house. But I do have friends over for beer fests and we have been known to spill food and make a mess. I have to get rid of the uneaten food, wash the dishes, and store the leftover bottles of beer. I also empty the trash. I know my job well. She takes care of daily matters, but since she was on vacation, I thought I would give her hand. She can come home to peace and quiet and not have to think about the vacuum. I have finished my task and stored the machine in the closet. It won’t appear for at least a week.

After my house cleaning binge, I felt like a rest. I love beer so I sat on the sofa in the family room with a bottle or two. I was about to watch a ball game when a friend popped in for a surprise visit. Join me, I invited him. There is plenty of beer. My friends know that I have the best brands available, most they have never tried. They know they don’t need to call first if they know I am not working and am idle at home. I had mentioned the cleaning chores so he knew I was available in the afternoon. Socializing over a good beer is my idea of a perfect time. We glance at the game now and then between our chatter about the newest breweries in a fifty-mile radius. We have a goal of trying them all. Some are small and inconspicuous, but each one has something to offer.

I was more than pleased with the shiny clean house. I would use the old-fashioned phrase spick ‘n span. Wasn’t that a household product at one time? I think it was for vinyl floors. Now people prefer wood or tile. Classier. My wife was so appreciative that she offered to make the most wonderful dinner. When she makes sauerkraut and sausages, I grab a beer. It is an idea pairing. She might pick a German wine. Each of us has our own taste. I like to trade off. I have been known to drink a glass of wine now and then, especially when out at a fine-dining restaurant. I am also a foodie in case you didn’t know.