Top Seven Favorite Beverages on a Hot Day

I cannot imagine anything worse than feeling parched and dizzy on a super hot day. It is important that you properly keep yourself hydrated; these following drinks will do exactly that. The drinks will be able to slake your thirst, so read on.

  1. The famous Pina Colada

The drink is so good someone thought; hey why not write a song about it. If you have not had one, it is about that time that you tried it. When you look at it, it immediately brings you closer to the beach, when you sip the mixture of pineapple juice, coconut milk, and some rum it will immediately send you to the hammock between the Caribbean and palm trees.

  1. Guinness straight from Ireland

When one is talking about Guinness, we speak of perfection in 119.5 seconds. It is approximately how long it takes the maturity of the ruby red, in fact not black, nectar to be poured; this is according to the brand owner. The drink has been packed with essential nutrients, and it is considered among one of the earthier, smoother characters you can enjoy.

  1. Some nice coconut water

You can eat the flesh raw or flake and even cook with its oil. However, the best way you can ingest the star of various tropical scenes is by just sticking a straw inside and drinking it. Coconut is technically a fruit; they may kill a larger number of people in a year than sharks, but they taste much better especially on a hot day.

  1. A Mojito

The drink has been named after an African amulet or Cuban seasoning. The Cubans in honor of Sir Francis Drake created the drink. The drink should be made fresh and straightforward, and you can always change it up depending on your preference.

  1. Cold glass of Carrot juice

Let us also identify a non-alcoholic drink you could enjoy on a hot day. We can both agree the drink is healthy enough to feature in your diet plans and it is still sweet enough to be enjoyed by the little kids.

  1. Sex on the beach

I do not know if it is the name or the ingredients the glass holds, but this drink is very famous in the summer days. It is composed of peach schnapps, cranberry juice, orange juice and some vodka.

  1. Some Gin and Tonic, famous in England

The British East India Company has used trust the British to make medicine from this, the quinine in tonic water to prevent malaria; it seems it is more palatable if you throw in some alcohol. However, we are glad they did as the fizz of gin and tonic being poured into your glass is almost as perfect as introducing a balmy evening.