Too Much Beer is Never a Problem I Have

Guests are coming! I am checking out my beer supply, because you can never have enough. My friends are passionate about their brands and expect that I will serve their favorites. They know that I can be depended upon to supply the best. I am a long-term beer fan and pride myself on my superior stock. Sometimes I fill the fridge so full that there isn’t room for anything else. It’s time to invade my wife’s wine cooler—if there is available space.

My wife loves wine as much as I love beer and has been known to frequent a winery or two in the hunt for new labels. She knows all about the various grapes in France and California and likes to mix it up between these two regions. She has a wine refrigerator that is organized according to white or red as each takes a different temperature. A good wine cooler will have self-regulation. When you pull out a bottle, it is at the perfect temperature to serve. Beer isn’t so fussy and it can all be chilled in the same way.

Beer parties mean good snacks. In the cupboard above the wine refrigerator is a supply of snacks, mostly nuts in cans and some bags of chips. My wife likes to serve wine with crackers and cheese, but the guys that come to try new beers like pretzels and the like. Sometimes the bring homemade goodies like pigs in a blanket or empanadas. Savory food goes perfectly with beer. I serve sandwiches if it is a long session at the TV watching football playoffs. My wife pitches in to help. She is a godsend and never minds if I raid her cooler. She doesn’t mind if I want to go this route when someone is tired of beer, but she does balk at much of the space being taken over by bottles and cans that are alien to her original intention. I tell her that we can even put water in there so why draw the line.

Recently, my wife went on a tour of Napa and came home with a couple of cases of wine that she wanted to add to her collection. I was instructed immediately to “move the beer.” Now what was I going to do. I, too, had also been on a shopping trip. I may have to get a small under counter ordinary refrigerator to house my overage. I can place it right next to the wine cooler in the family room. If I decide to install one, I won’t hear another peep out of my wife. But I always want to make her happy—it’s the first rule of the household—and I will consult her as to the best course of action. She had a good solution. We were going to have a big party and invite all our relatives and friends. We will no doubt use up a great part of our mutual inventory. Great idea!