The Three Best Home Brew Systems

The electronic revolution is taking headway in the brewing world. Small and very efficiently, systems have been made available with reasonable prices just to attract more brewers. Let us have a look at the five best home brews systems, which could help you decide whether having an electric turnkey system is an option you could consider.

  1. The Grainfather

The Grainfather is an all in one electronic system that has a remarkable in-depth feature; this is a recirculation mash, an average power requirement, which runs on a 120v the standard household current. Additionally, it has been designed with an integrated control system that can maintain the temperatures. The brew system is very easy to use and compact; thanks to its built-in pump and the recirculation mash, it will provide you with the ability to brew all types of grain recipes. The pump and temperature controller are very straightforward and simple to use making it an easy job for you to set up the temperature and simply walk away. However, the system will still need some hands on participation during the brewing process, which will make you feel like you are brewing and not just pushing simple buttons.

On the contrary, if you are looking for a bombproof brewing system, this might not be the one for you, as it has relatively thin walls and some less expensive fittings. However, the brewing system is considered an ideal pick for the price intelligent individuals who live in an apartment or a small home and are looking for an inexpensive all in one kind of system, which is capable of brewing indoors.

  1. The Brew-Boss

The Brew-Boss has gone a step further in the brewing system as it has an app-based control, come modular add-ons that will allow further automation. Not forgetting the strong power unit, it pushes two different heating elements that enable it to plug into the standard home outlets that you have. If you do not have access to 240v power, not to worry as this dual kind of element approach will give you more heat and electricity to achieve the strike temperature to aid in boiling much faster. The electrical control is built with a sturdy plastic casing and a large heat sink.

Setting up the brewing system will take you less than 10 minutes. However, the system lacks some level of integration and polish compared to other brewing systems. Additionally, the unit is limited to the BIAB, which is brew in a bag only. Nevertheless, the system is ideal if you live in a small space and it will offer you 10 gallons kettle capacity.

  1. Blichmann the Easy Brew

It is the Rolls-Royce of the turnkey electric systems; it gives you a tight integration, the best electric element you can find in the business, a sophisticated polish, and a modular upgradeability. It has the best finish and fit on any systems you will find in the electric brewing systems. Blichmann has lived up to its reputation for delivering quality brewing system. The best thing is the system is available in different sizes, to ensure a size fits all. Another benefit the system offers is the possibility to upgrade your current system if you purchase the 5-gallon and hoping for a 15gallon brewing system, no worries, as the same 240v Power Tower electronic controller can operate both of them.

However, this system might prove a challenge to set up, compared to the other three we have looked at above. On average, it could take you around an hour to set up, but at the end, the brewing system proves to be worth the struggle.

Final thoughts

When you decide on purchasing an electric brewing system, it is important to consider the available power supply in your home. If you can use 240v instead of the 120v, then we highly recommend it, as time is a resource we do not have in high supply. Thus, if you can reach the strike temperature in half the time it would take a 120v system, then it is worth the hassle purchasing an electric brewing system that has a larger circuit.