Is it Spring Ahead or Back?

You would think that I had been drinking too many beers. I forgot to change the time on my automatic watch when daylight savings rolled around. I was late to everything which annoyed me most of all. It also bothered others. I didn’t make a good impression at work for a week coming in an hour off, either early or late. Finally, I figured out how to change the time twice a year. My wife always did it for me and I never learned this simple, but required, task. Sometimes we are so helpless. It’s okay when it comes to fixing electric appliances and your car, but not a wrist watch. I am also too embarrassed to mention it. But now I know and I ask people to tell me when it is that time of year so I can spring ahead or back. I think I have it figured out at last. You lose time in the spring when you set your watch an hour forward and gain time in the fall when you set it an hour behind. You in effect relive that hour. Get it? All you must do is say to yourself “spring forward and fall back.” But then you have to know what that means. My son finally explained it and since my wife was away on vacation, he helped me reset my watch. It gave him great pleasure to mock me while he was at it. Dad isn’t so smart all the time like he thinks.

It is a great automatic watch that keeps perfect time and doesn’t need a battery and an expert to install it. No extra costs required. I just wish that like my laptop, it would change the time on its own. Is that too much to ask? For so long I just added or subtracted an hour when I look at the watch for the right time. How ridiculous is that, said my wife. You have got to get a grip and learn the ropes of daylight’s savings time. I think by now, she said, you would have it down. Well, I just looked at the computer in the bottom right hand corner. I get the calendar date and the exact time. But then why have a fabulous watch. For men, it is not about looks. For women, a watch is an accessory and they usually have a few in stainless steel or gold tone. I don’t feel compelled to match my current outfit and I wear just the one watch that my wife gave me years ago for a special birthday.

Well rest assured that the watch has been reset and will be redone next time daylight savings rolls around. Meanwhile I will see if there is a new invention of an automatic watch that does more than usual. I will pay up for one that acknowledges that change in hour twice a year.