Five Reasons That Make Beer Great

Let us start by just answering the question. What makes a beer great?

It is the fresh and high-quality hops used in brewing the beer if used in generous quantity make a cold glass of beer great. The beers prepared in this style is what has been considered by many the West Coast IPA, the typical examples that pop into my mind is the Liberty Ale from the Anchor, some beers from Sierra and Lagunitas and the Speakeasy Brewery beers. When we talk about what makes a great homebrew beer, it’s all about doubling the standard recipes; this is as far as hops and malt go. Let us not forget the dry hop and the over pitch yeast.

Reasons that makes beer great

  1. Beer might be a healthier option than other alcohols

Over the years, wine has been getting all the credit, but beer also has just as many oxidants a glass of wine can offer. Additionally, beer is much higher in protein and the vitamin B. We would never recommend any alcohol as a health food, but if you are planning to have an alcoholic drink, you might as well choose one that contains calcium, iron, fiber, and phosphates.

  1. You can batter your foods in beer

As a person who loves food, you are well aware you can batter amazing things like fish and chicken in beer, but did you know you are not only limited to this. Have you ever thought of having deep fried Doritos that has bacon battered in beer? Let me just give you a moment and bask in this glory.

  1. Drinking a glass of beer a day could make you age a little smarter, well for women

A study conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine found that women who had a glass of an alcoholic drink a day tend to have fewer declines in their cognitive function and less cognitive impairment compared to the women who abstained from alcoholic beverages. The theory behind this finding is that alcohol can protect your brain by improving the blood circulation; so then why not make your daily glass a beer.

  1. Beer has proved to be good for your heart

In this case, it does not matter whether you are female or male; drinking a glass of beer will keep your heart much healthier. However, there is a side note to this; drinking has to be moderate to ensure you enjoy the benefits of beer. Thus, drink a little bit more than a pint of beer will make you 31 percent less likely to suffer from a heart attack, heart disease or strokes than those who do not indulge in this beverage.

  1. It could help in preventing kidney stones

Drinking beer can go a long way in helping prevent or reduce the risk of you developing kidney stones. Research conducted found that women and men who had reported drinking a reasonable amount of their favorite beer reduced the risk of them developing kidney stone by about 41 percent. On the other hand, drink a glass of soda would increase their risk of getting kidney stone by about 23 percent.

Now go on and enjoy your favorite beer, but remember to enjoy the benefits it must be done in moderation.