Marriage is About Compromise

My wife likes to work around the house and has her preferred hobbies. She likes sewing, arts and crafts, and writing in her journal. I have other interests like movies and ball games. I am more of an outdoor person than she is. I have a road bike and love the occasional bike riding trip. If you find the best road bike, you’ll get one that is light weight, agile, and fun. You can hit the trails and make tracks to your destination. This is not her favorite thing. She recognizes my love for biking as a pastime, but is loath to accompany me. I have to bribe her and she acquiesces. After all, they say that marriage is about compromise. Both of us do our parts. There are a few ways to coax her into coming along and one is by promising a gourmet meal at a fabulous restaurant. I always pick one that serves beer so it is as much for me as for her. I also remind her that I can take her to my next brewery tasting as she loves to explore with me in search of new brands. She likes the atmosphere and has a fondness for certain types of brew. Now we have come to an agreement and a bike trip is soon to be arranged.

Visiting a new brewing is a time for new expectations. I jump at the chance since I have missed more than a few. I have my favorites but am open to trying new things. In fact, I like to make my own beer. But I know other people do it better and I am on the road to discovery a few times a month. I love when my wife comes along. She scours the menu and selects our meal while I go about my business. She will try a few final choices and opt for those that appeal to her palate. I am lucky that in addition to wine, she likes beer well enough. She is not as obsessed as I am, but she makes for the perfect mate. I wouldn’t want to always go it alone. I do have friends who also like beer tastings, but given the option, I would always take her along. That’s why you get married.

The brewery I selected was in the next town and was open from lunch to midnight. We got there early so we could have dinner and also allow for sufficient time to try their specialties. I like to taste the beer but also ask questions about their particular process and special ingredients. I like to know the history of the brewery and if it is a family business. It doesn’t matter if it has been around for decades or is a new establishment. Beer is so popular that new breweries are popping up all the time. For us beer lovers, this is a great opportunity to expand our horizons.