As Artistic as I Get

I keep a ready supply of beer on hand, for myself and my guests. I love beer and am happy to share my fondness for the beverage with everyone. I collect a wide assortment of brands, many from local breweries, in my home bar. It is growing all the time. I must find a better way to store and refrigerate my inventory. I have worked hard to organize everything so that it fits in the available space. I use the kitchen fridge for the overage and also have invaded my wife’s wine bar. Space problems aside, the home bar is a focal point for entertaining.

I got the sudden inspiration to make a bar sign for this area of the family room. I thought it would add a touch of class and be fun for the family. Everyone uses the home bar as I also house soft drinks. I do limit my underage son from grabbing a cold brew. He watches me in the thralls of enjoyment and wants to do what my passion is all about. I let him taste the different beers I like to see what is behind the magic. I talk to him about breweries and tastings and someday he will come along. He already wants to now, but most have an age limit. Meanwhile, my wife and I can hunt for new brands and enjoy a good meal at the same time.

To make the sign, I am going to borrow a paint spray gun so that it looks professional. Such a gun is about as artistic as I get. You won’t find me with a brush in hand standing before a canvas on an easel. It might be fun now that I think about it to paint a still life of a beer bottle. I could hang it next to the home bar. But alas, I don’t have the talent, nor does my son. I will have to convince my wife to make this a new project. She is the only one in the family with artistic skill. I will stick to my spray paint gun venture and hope it turns out right.

A spray paint gun is not complex and you only need to know how to load it. If you have played a game of paint ball, you have an idea. For art projects, the guns can be smaller with detachable nozzles. As long as it is clean, you will get good results. I practiced a bit on some craft paper laid out on the garage floor. I didn’t want to bungle the sign by not having any experience. When I felt comfortable with my initial trials, I sketched out the lettering I wanted on a piece of wood. I would spray paint in the color I desired, then put on a clear top coat, and hang the object in the appropriate place near the home bar counter. I wanted it to be at eye level. I must say that it turned out great.