Did You Know There is Seasonal Beer?

Well, a seasonal beer is that has been brewed for a particular holiday, season or even festive period. If you had or had not noticed, most breweries produce a few seasonal beers. The seasonal beer is mostly produced when the fresh ingredient is readily available.

Let us see by season


During spring, Bock would be traditionally prepared in the winter to be consumed during Easter and Lent. Bock was also traditionally produced to be consumed during the winter.


The summer season beers are typically built to accommodate the warm weather, and for this, most are light bodied. Most could have some fruity or citrus flavor, which at times is accented with the use of some spices, honey and the floral hops. The summer season beers include the wheat ales.


The fall beers are incorporated with the use of various spices, such as nutmeg and cinnamon. Thus, it directly serves to associate the beer flavor with the current season. One the other hand, the species are cleverly used to create some frame of reference that is unique to the season.


Traditionally, the Bock beer was brewed at winter to be consumed both during the winter and spring season.

The winter warmers are the common types of beers that are created; they include the mild ales and the old ales that are brewed in the winter months. Just to have that extra flavor in the beer, the winter warmers could have some spices just for additional flavor. The Wassail-style beer has sometimes been described as one of the winter warmers.

Precious Heartbeats

We all get nostalgic from time to time, some people when they drink. Getting melancholy or reflective can happen when least expected. While I indulge in my favorite beverage from time to time (to put it mildly), it doesn’t take alcohol at any level to get me to reflect on the past. I do so as a matter of course, especially when prompted. For example, on my son’s birthday recently, I was sitting down with a cold one and writing in my laptop about what it was like when my wife was pregnant. It is a very special time in a couple’s marriage and one that you will never forget. I remember being so nervous about the baby’s health. I wanted to check on him all the time with a stethoscope I had bought for the purpose. I insisted on hearing the baby’s heartbeat and movements so I could feel secure he was still alive. Of course, he was and this action was absurd. I think it is a great idea on a few occasions and something you and your wife can do to celebrate the impending birth. But I didn’t need to take it to the ultimate level. After a while I calmed down and limited the stethoscope to once a day.

My son is grown and practically an adult and it has been so long since I experienced those precious heartbeats. I wouldn’t dream of doing that today. I still have the stethoscope but I leave it to his doctor to use during regular checkups. I should pass on the item to a pregnant friend. Maybe she has an obsessive husband. I would love to talk with him and explain what it feels like as an expectant father. It is a magical experience. The stethoscope revealed another world to me or prenatal proportions. It was fascinating if not a bit voyeuristic. Now I have the memory of those times every time I look at my son. I think that the moment a couple learns of their new status, they should buy a stethoscope and set it aside for just the right time. Then it will be a feature of their mutual experience and a way to become closer. I can’t think of another way that would work better except maybe for placing your hands on your wife’s belly to feel the baby move. But to me, the heartbeats signaled life and were tremendously exciting. I wanted to cry every time I heard them.

You can see that this blog is a paean to parenthood, even fatherhood most of all. If you have children, of any age, you know of what I write. You can keep a scrapbook or a computer archive of photos to chronicle a child’s life, and while you can’t do that with heartbeats, you can remember them deep inside. I wrote an ode at the time my wife was pregnant that I have just remembered this moment.

Gentle heartbeats of a new life

Foretell a son that will kindle light

Into my arms he is destined to grow

My seed, my future, my heart

Honey, If You’re Reading This…

When my birthday rolls around, everyone—friends and family—rushes out to get the latest beer accessories. Now I have them all, more than I need. Let’s call a halt to this madness and think about other options. It’s not that I need you to buy me a gift, but if you are intending to grant me this favor, why not get me something I don’t have. I could circulate a list but that would be aggressive. I will just let things stay as they are. I have collectible old beer cans from decades ago, many unusual openers, 1,000 printed napkins, an Andy Warhol beer can print, and a beer mug set or two, and a cooler for taking my favorite beverage along with me on an outing. Thanks to everyone for all this birthday fun, but now I am just addressing my wife. She only gets me clothing or toiletries and never a beer-themed gadget. Now is the time for her to take heed of something I want in another vein. Honey, if you are reading this….

So, what is this mysterious item that I crave. It is this – a new gun safe. I collect guns and have housed them safely in my old unit. I don’t necessarily plan on buying more, but it could happen. What I want is increased safety given the number of people who walk by the old one. I never want to see a child or teenager grab the lock or try to open it with a password. I want a new model that works with only my fingerprint. It is more foolproof than a key for sure. I used to hide the key but it seemed obvious in the hardware drawer. When it comes to kids and intruders, you can never be too careful. Curiosity killed the cat, but let’s not go there. It is too scary.

I was hoping my wife would be the one to buy the new safe so she could select a model she likes. She is well aware of the issue of safety and would be vigilant about selecting just the right one. She would discuss options with the salesman and also be careful about acquiring the right size to fit our space. I don’t have rifles in my collection so the gun safe doesn’t have to be enormous. It can be a countertop style or a shorter floor model. It will not have to be full size. I also know that she is in a quandary over my birthday gift since she wants something different for me this year. She is tired of the same old stuff, as I am. It is time to get innovative while at the same time getting something I really want. Honey, if you are reading this…

I am pretty excited about the possibility of a new gun safe that will allow me to sleep better at night, and I know my wife will come through. I am already planning for the switch and am organizing my collection right now.

Too Much Beer is Never a Problem I Have

Guests are coming! I am checking out my beer supply, because you can never have enough. My friends are passionate about their brands and expect that I will serve their favorites. They know that I can be depended upon to supply the best. I am a long-term beer fan and pride myself on my superior stock. Sometimes I fill the fridge so full that there isn’t room for anything else. It’s time to invade my wife’s wine cooler—if there is available space.

My wife loves wine as much as I love beer and has been known to frequent a winery or two in the hunt for new labels. She knows all about the various grapes in France and California and likes to mix it up between these two regions. She has a wine refrigerator that is organized according to white or red as each takes a different temperature. A good wine cooler will have self-regulation. When you pull out a bottle, it is at the perfect temperature to serve. Beer isn’t so fussy and it can all be chilled in the same way.

Beer parties mean good snacks. In the cupboard above the wine refrigerator is a supply of snacks, mostly nuts in cans and some bags of chips. My wife likes to serve wine with crackers and cheese, but the guys that come to try new beers like pretzels and the like. Sometimes the bring homemade goodies like pigs in a blanket or empanadas. Savory food goes perfectly with beer. I serve sandwiches if it is a long session at the TV watching football playoffs. My wife pitches in to help. She is a godsend and never minds if I raid her cooler. She doesn’t mind if I want to go this route when someone is tired of beer, but she does balk at much of the space being taken over by bottles and cans that are alien to her original intention. I tell her that we can even put water in there so why draw the line.

Recently, my wife went on a tour of Napa and came home with a couple of cases of wine that she wanted to add to her collection. I was instructed immediately to “move the beer.” Now what was I going to do. I, too, had also been on a shopping trip. I may have to get a small under counter ordinary refrigerator to house my overage. I can place it right next to the wine cooler in the family room. If I decide to install one, I won’t hear another peep out of my wife. But I always want to make her happy—it’s the first rule of the household—and I will consult her as to the best course of action. She had a good solution. We were going to have a big party and invite all our relatives and friends. We will no doubt use up a great part of our mutual inventory. Great idea!

As Artistic as I Get

I keep a ready supply of beer on hand, for myself and my guests. I love beer and am happy to share my fondness for the beverage with everyone. I collect a wide assortment of brands, many from local breweries, in my home bar. It is growing all the time. I must find a better way to store and refrigerate my inventory. I have worked hard to organize everything so that it fits in the available space. I use the kitchen fridge for the overage and also have invaded my wife’s wine bar. Space problems aside, the home bar is a focal point for entertaining.

I got the sudden inspiration to make a bar sign for this area of the family room. I thought it would add a touch of class and be fun for the family. Everyone uses the home bar as I also house soft drinks. I do limit my underage son from grabbing a cold brew. He watches me in the thralls of enjoyment and wants to do what my passion is all about. I let him taste the different beers I like to see what is behind the magic. I talk to him about breweries and tastings and someday he will come along. He already wants to now, but most have an age limit. Meanwhile, my wife and I can hunt for new brands and enjoy a good meal at the same time.

To make the sign, I am going to borrow a paint spray gun so that it looks professional. Such a gun is about as artistic as I get. You won’t find me with a brush in hand standing before a canvas on an easel. It might be fun now that I think about it to paint a still life of a beer bottle. I could hang it next to the home bar. But alas, I don’t have the talent, nor does my son. I will have to convince my wife to make this a new project. She is the only one in the family with artistic skill. I will stick to my spray paint gun venture and hope it turns out right.

A spray paint gun is not complex and you only need to know how to load it. If you have played a game of paint ball, you have an idea. For art projects, the guns can be smaller with detachable nozzles. As long as it is clean, you will get good results. I practiced a bit on some craft paper laid out on the garage floor. I didn’t want to bungle the sign by not having any experience. When I felt comfortable with my initial trials, I sketched out the lettering I wanted on a piece of wood. I would spray paint in the color I desired, then put on a clear top coat, and hang the object in the appropriate place near the home bar counter. I wanted it to be at eye level. I must say that it turned out great.

I Know I should Be Mad

The trials and tribulations of being a parent are many. Most of the time, however, nothing is a crisis. I do get mad from time to time at outrageous behavior from my son. I try not to be a strict and controlling father, but I do have to draw the line somewhere. When he forgets to tell me where is going, turns off his cell phone, and comes home late, I am outraged. Then he more than makes up for it by helping me in the yard or by washing the car. When he gets good grades, I am ecstatic.

I am not thrilled, however, when he uses the hot tub in the back of the house for beer drinking sessions with friends. I never limit his use of the tub, so he didn’t think to ask permission. But he is underage and I can’t sanction beer drinking. I feel derelict as a parent. When I came home from a night out with the wife and found him sitting in the hot tub, comfy as can be, with a friend, I wanted to punish him. I thought about it and realized that at least he was drinking at home. I also was a bit impressed that he shares my passion for a good beer. That might not be the best way for father and son to bond, but it is at the same time something positive. When he is twenty-one, we will surely go out together in the hunt for great local beer. We have a few cool breweries and I would love to take him along. I will just have to wait a few short years.

I do talk about beer with my son, which stimulated his initial interest. He was fascinated as much as I was by the vast number of choices of brands. As my knowledge and experience grows, I can counsel him as to the best products for his taste buds. It is all about flavor but beer drinking is also a social experience that he can enjoy with his friends when he is old. My social life certainly revolves around get-togethers to watch a movie or ball game with a cold beer in hand. However, I don’t want my son to go overboard now or in the future. He must learn how to keep things in control and never imbibe any alcohol to get drunk. How do you teach that to a kid? I believe I can do this by setting a good example. My son will never see me overindulge. He will know that an adult knows when to quit. If he has good habits, he can drink at the beach, on camping trips, in the backyard during a barbecue, and at parties and other outings. I don’t want to worry about driving and I hope he won’t let me down.

Meanwhile, give me a cold brew any time as I thoroughly enjoy it—one or two at a time. It is one of life’s great pleasures.

Is it Spring Ahead or Back?

You would think that I had been drinking too many beers. I forgot to change the time on my automatic watch when daylight savings rolled around. I was late to everything which annoyed me most of all. It also bothered others. I didn’t make a good impression at work for a week coming in an hour off, either early or late. Finally, I figured out how to change the time twice a year. My wife always did it for me and I never learned this simple, but required, task. Sometimes we are so helpless. It’s okay when it comes to fixing electric appliances and your car, but not a wrist watch. I am also too embarrassed to mention it. But now I know and I ask people to tell me when it is that time of year so I can spring ahead or back. I think I have it figured out at last. You lose time in the spring when you set your watch an hour forward and gain time in the fall when you set it an hour behind. You in effect relive that hour. Get it? All you must do is say to yourself “spring forward and fall back.” But then you have to know what that means. My son finally explained it and since my wife was away on vacation, he helped me reset my watch. It gave him great pleasure to mock me while he was at it. Dad isn’t so smart all the time like he thinks.

It is a great automatic watch that keeps perfect time and doesn’t need a battery and an expert to install it. No extra costs required. I just wish that like my laptop, it would change the time on its own. Is that too much to ask? For so long I just added or subtracted an hour when I look at the watch for the right time. How ridiculous is that, said my wife. You have got to get a grip and learn the ropes of daylight’s savings time. I think by now, she said, you would have it down. Well, I just looked at the computer in the bottom right hand corner. I get the calendar date and the exact time. But then why have a fabulous watch. For men, it is not about looks. For women, a watch is an accessory and they usually have a few in stainless steel or gold tone. I don’t feel compelled to match my current outfit and I wear just the one watch that my wife gave me years ago for a special birthday.

Well rest assured that the watch has been reset and will be redone next time daylight savings rolls around. Meanwhile I will see if there is a new invention of an automatic watch that does more than usual. I will pay up for one that acknowledges that change in hour twice a year.

The Three Best Home Brew Systems

The electronic revolution is taking headway in the brewing world. Small and very efficiently, systems have been made available with reasonable prices just to attract more brewers. Let us have a look at the five best home brews systems, which could help you decide whether having an electric turnkey system is an option you could consider.

  1. The Grainfather

The Grainfather is an all in one electronic system that has a remarkable in-depth feature; this is a recirculation mash, an average power requirement, which runs on a 120v the standard household current. Additionally, it has been designed with an integrated control system that can maintain the temperatures. The brew system is very easy to use and compact; thanks to its built-in pump and the recirculation mash, it will provide you with the ability to brew all types of grain recipes. The pump and temperature controller are very straightforward and simple to use making it an easy job for you to set up the temperature and simply walk away. However, the system will still need some hands on participation during the brewing process, which will make you feel like you are brewing and not just pushing simple buttons.

On the contrary, if you are looking for a bombproof brewing system, this might not be the one for you, as it has relatively thin walls and some less expensive fittings. However, the brewing system is considered an ideal pick for the price intelligent individuals who live in an apartment or a small home and are looking for an inexpensive all in one kind of system, which is capable of brewing indoors.

  1. The Brew-Boss

The Brew-Boss has gone a step further in the brewing system as it has an app-based control, come modular add-ons that will allow further automation. Not forgetting the strong power unit, it pushes two different heating elements that enable it to plug into the standard home outlets that you have. If you do not have access to 240v power, not to worry as this dual kind of element approach will give you more heat and electricity to achieve the strike temperature to aid in boiling much faster. The electrical control is built with a sturdy plastic casing and a large heat sink.

Setting up the brewing system will take you less than 10 minutes. However, the system lacks some level of integration and polish compared to other brewing systems. Additionally, the unit is limited to the BIAB, which is brew in a bag only. Nevertheless, the system is ideal if you live in a small space and it will offer you 10 gallons kettle capacity.

  1. Blichmann the Easy Brew

It is the Rolls-Royce of the turnkey electric systems; it gives you a tight integration, the best electric element you can find in the business, a sophisticated polish, and a modular upgradeability. It has the best finish and fit on any systems you will find in the electric brewing systems. Blichmann has lived up to its reputation for delivering quality brewing system. The best thing is the system is available in different sizes, to ensure a size fits all. Another benefit the system offers is the possibility to upgrade your current system if you purchase the 5-gallon and hoping for a 15gallon brewing system, no worries, as the same 240v Power Tower electronic controller can operate both of them.

However, this system might prove a challenge to set up, compared to the other three we have looked at above. On average, it could take you around an hour to set up, but at the end, the brewing system proves to be worth the struggle.

Final thoughts

When you decide on purchasing an electric brewing system, it is important to consider the available power supply in your home. If you can use 240v instead of the 120v, then we highly recommend it, as time is a resource we do not have in high supply. Thus, if you can reach the strike temperature in half the time it would take a 120v system, then it is worth the hassle purchasing an electric brewing system that has a larger circuit.

When the Cat’s Away

My wife likes to go away with girlfriends for the weekend from time to time which gives me the opportunity to clean house. Before she returns you will find me scouring the sink, vacuuming the furniture and carpet, polishing the silver, and organizing the fridge. I use a small and inexpensive vacuum that works pretty well. We always talk about getting a high-powered new one, but unless this one fails, I don’t see the point. If you buy appropriately, your vacuum (even one that sells for under $100), will last a lifetime. Just clean the bag and dust it off now and then.

I am pretty busy and it doesn’t always fall on me to take care of the house. But I do have friends over for beer fests and we have been known to spill food and make a mess. I have to get rid of the uneaten food, wash the dishes, and store the leftover bottles of beer. I also empty the trash. I know my job well. She takes care of daily matters, but since she was on vacation, I thought I would give her hand. She can come home to peace and quiet and not have to think about the vacuum. I have finished my task and stored the machine in the closet. It won’t appear for at least a week.

After my house cleaning binge, I felt like a rest. I love beer so I sat on the sofa in the family room with a bottle or two. I was about to watch a ball game when a friend popped in for a surprise visit. Join me, I invited him. There is plenty of beer. My friends know that I have the best brands available, most they have never tried. They know they don’t need to call first if they know I am not working and am idle at home. I had mentioned the cleaning chores so he knew I was available in the afternoon. Socializing over a good beer is my idea of a perfect time. We glance at the game now and then between our chatter about the newest breweries in a fifty-mile radius. We have a goal of trying them all. Some are small and inconspicuous, but each one has something to offer.

I was more than pleased with the shiny clean house. I would use the old-fashioned phrase spick ‘n span. Wasn’t that a household product at one time? I think it was for vinyl floors. Now people prefer wood or tile. Classier. My wife was so appreciative that she offered to make the most wonderful dinner. When she makes sauerkraut and sausages, I grab a beer. It is an idea pairing. She might pick a German wine. Each of us has our own taste. I like to trade off. I have been known to drink a glass of wine now and then, especially when out at a fine-dining restaurant. I am also a foodie in case you didn’t know.

Summertime Suds

I drink beer at home, serve it to guests, go on hunts for new brands, and take it on outings. A camping trip means more than a few six packs stowed in the SUV to accommodate me and my friends. There is nothing like a cold beer after a swim in the river. We sit around, almost like kids at a campfire, and tell stories. Out come the sandwiches and chips and we can hang out for hours. It is the epitome of a fun, relaxing day. Beer is the symbol of good times whether you are sitting on a beach chair or are in your own backyard next to the above ground pool.

I have set up a patio that is my weekend destination. I have padded cushions on the chaise lounge and side chairs. There are little glass and wrought iron tables next to each to take care of a glass of beer. When it starts to get hot, my friends and I jump into the pool. We splash about and cause a ruckus before returning to the suds. Since the pool has a detachable table, we often take our beer right into the water. When you are thirsty, you never want to let it go.

Beer is the perfect companion to great grilled food at a cookout. It could be at the park or in your own yard. Just be sure to bring plenty along. When we choose the park, we like to organize a game of baseball. On a hot day, this can take a lot out of you. Guess what? An ice-cold beer will bring your flagging energy back. But above all it is about great taste. I have dozens of favorite brands and someday I will share them with you. There are all kinds of small local breweries in my extended region and I buy a good supply of their offerings. Part of my normal routine is to visit them for a tasting or to have a meal that pairs well with beer. It is an adventure each time I discover a new brewery. There is no need to limit yourself to national brands. While they are fine, and we all have our favorites, there is nothing like a new experience on the tongue.

It is important to keep your beer cold. You can bet that I have a separate refrigerator to house my stash and also an outdoor cooler for the yard when I have barbecues or am at the beach. Beer goes everywhere with me. As much as I buy, I must be keeping the industry in business. Ha! No kidding; I am a real aficionado. Just ask me anything about beer. I know its history and origin, where it is brewed worldwide (more places than you can imagine) and what accounts for the different tastes. No, they do not all have the same ingredients.

Five Reasons That Make Beer Great

Let us start by just answering the question. What makes a beer great?

It is the fresh and high-quality hops used in brewing the beer if used in generous quantity make a cold glass of beer great. The beers prepared in this style is what has been considered by many the West Coast IPA, the typical examples that pop into my mind is the Liberty Ale from the Anchor, some beers from Sierra and Lagunitas and the Speakeasy Brewery beers. When we talk about what makes a great homebrew beer, it’s all about doubling the standard recipes; this is as far as hops and malt go. Let us not forget the dry hop and the over pitch yeast.

Reasons that makes beer great

  1. Beer might be a healthier option than other alcohols

Over the years, wine has been getting all the credit, but beer also has just as many oxidants a glass of wine can offer. Additionally, beer is much higher in protein and the vitamin B. We would never recommend any alcohol as a health food, but if you are planning to have an alcoholic drink, you might as well choose one that contains calcium, iron, fiber, and phosphates.

  1. You can batter your foods in beer

As a person who loves food, you are well aware you can batter amazing things like fish and chicken in beer, but did you know you are not only limited to this. Have you ever thought of having deep fried Doritos that has bacon battered in beer? Let me just give you a moment and bask in this glory.

  1. Drinking a glass of beer a day could make you age a little smarter, well for women

A study conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine found that women who had a glass of an alcoholic drink a day tend to have fewer declines in their cognitive function and less cognitive impairment compared to the women who abstained from alcoholic beverages. The theory behind this finding is that alcohol can protect your brain by improving the blood circulation; so then why not make your daily glass a beer.

  1. Beer has proved to be good for your heart

In this case, it does not matter whether you are female or male; drinking a glass of beer will keep your heart much healthier. However, there is a side note to this; drinking has to be moderate to ensure you enjoy the benefits of beer. Thus, drink a little bit more than a pint of beer will make you 31 percent less likely to suffer from a heart attack, heart disease or strokes than those who do not indulge in this beverage.

  1. It could help in preventing kidney stones

Drinking beer can go a long way in helping prevent or reduce the risk of you developing kidney stones. Research conducted found that women and men who had reported drinking a reasonable amount of their favorite beer reduced the risk of them developing kidney stone by about 41 percent. On the other hand, drink a glass of soda would increase their risk of getting kidney stone by about 23 percent.

Now go on and enjoy your favorite beer, but remember to enjoy the benefits it must be done in moderation.

Marriage is About Compromise

My wife likes to work around the house and has her preferred hobbies. She likes sewing, arts and crafts, and writing in her journal. I have other interests like movies and ball games. I am more of an outdoor person than she is. I have a road bike and love the occasional bike riding trip. If you find the best road bike, you’ll get one that is light weight, agile, and fun. You can hit the trails and make tracks to your destination. This is not her favorite thing. She recognizes my love for biking as a pastime, but is loath to accompany me. I have to bribe her and she acquiesces. After all, they say that marriage is about compromise. Both of us do our parts. There are a few ways to coax her into coming along and one is by promising a gourmet meal at a fabulous restaurant. I always pick one that serves beer so it is as much for me as for her. I also remind her that I can take her to my next brewery tasting as she loves to explore with me in search of new brands. She likes the atmosphere and has a fondness for certain types of brew. Now we have come to an agreement and a bike trip is soon to be arranged.

Visiting a new brewing is a time for new expectations. I jump at the chance since I have missed more than a few. I have my favorites but am open to trying new things. In fact, I like to make my own beer. But I know other people do it better and I am on the road to discovery a few times a month. I love when my wife comes along. She scours the menu and selects our meal while I go about my business. She will try a few final choices and opt for those that appeal to her palate. I am lucky that in addition to wine, she likes beer well enough. She is not as obsessed as I am, but she makes for the perfect mate. I wouldn’t want to always go it alone. I do have friends who also like beer tastings, but given the option, I would always take her along. That’s why you get married.

The brewery I selected was in the next town and was open from lunch to midnight. We got there early so we could have dinner and also allow for sufficient time to try their specialties. I like to taste the beer but also ask questions about their particular process and special ingredients. I like to know the history of the brewery and if it is a family business. It doesn’t matter if it has been around for decades or is a new establishment. Beer is so popular that new breweries are popping up all the time. For us beer lovers, this is a great opportunity to expand our horizons.

Top Six Tips for Home Brewing

If you do some research, you will find there are different ways you can go about brewing your beer as there are brewers found in your community. There are so many that you might be overwhelmed with how you should start, making it even paramount for how to get a better understanding of how not to make your beer, because, in the end, we are looking to have the tastiest product you can enjoy.

So why not look at these tips on how to brew your beer. These are important things you need to know before you start home brewing, no need to learn these tips the hard way.

  1. Use fresh and high-quality ingredients

Having fresh ingredients will make a better brew. If you had started on dry yeast, consider mobbing up to the liquid yeast. If you are the extract kind of brewer, then it is advisable that you look for fresh extract rather than using a can that has been stored for several months. Store your liquid yeast in the fridge and the grains in a cool, dry place, while the hops should be kept in the freezer. It is important to note, dry malt, hops, crushed grains and liquid malt have limited shelf life; therefore, you should use them quickly to ensure you are using fresh ingredients.

  1. You need to do your homework

Being able to design great beer is one part art and one part science. So why should you guess on the scientific part? How about switching to the BeerSmith software as it will make a great difference, it will help you in making proper calculations on the bitterness, color, and the original gravity, all this just to match your brewing style.

  1. You need to keep it sterile

Any item that will come in contact with your beer after it has just started cooling must be properly sanitized. The most popular sanitizing solutions you could use are iodophor or bleach. The process of cooling your beer is very sensitive and critical as other infections and bacteria are likely to take hold before the yeast has started fermenting.

  1. You need to chill the wort very quick

When you cool your beer quickly, it will increase the fallout of tannins and proteins that are not good for your beer. As a result, this will reduce the chance of any infection occurring. The Immersion Wort Chiller is considered a relatively inexpensive investment, as it helps in improving the quality and clarity of your beer. The cooling process is important if you do the full batch boils.

  1. Ensure you cook for around 60 – 90 minutes

When you boil your Wort, it provides you with several essential functions. The simple boil will sterilize your Wort, it will release the bittering oils that are present in the hops, it will vaporize the undesirable compounds, and in turn, it will coagulate the tannins and proteins from the grains so that they can fall out during the cooling process. If you are looking to achieve, the goals pointed out, you will need to ensure it is boiled for at least 60minutes, if you are doing lighter styles of beer aim for a longer boil, about 90 minutes.

  1. Control the fermentation temperature

Very few brewers have dedicated a fermentation refrigerator, but there are simple methods you could use in maintaining a constant fermentation temperature. The best technique is picking a cool, dry place, wrap the fermenter with some wet towels, and then put a fan in front. You will need t ensure you are soaking the towels after every 12 hours, with this, you should be able to get a steady fermentation temperature of about 66-68F range. You could purchase a stick on the thermometer that you can attach to the fermentation vessel for ease in monitoring.

Top Seven Favorite Beverages on a Hot Day

I cannot imagine anything worse than feeling parched and dizzy on a super hot day. It is important that you properly keep yourself hydrated; these following drinks will do exactly that. The drinks will be able to slake your thirst, so read on.

  1. The famous Pina Colada

The drink is so good someone thought; hey why not write a song about it. If you have not had one, it is about that time that you tried it. When you look at it, it immediately brings you closer to the beach, when you sip the mixture of pineapple juice, coconut milk, and some rum it will immediately send you to the hammock between the Caribbean and palm trees.

  1. Guinness straight from Ireland

When one is talking about Guinness, we speak of perfection in 119.5 seconds. It is approximately how long it takes the maturity of the ruby red, in fact not black, nectar to be poured; this is according to the brand owner. The drink has been packed with essential nutrients, and it is considered among one of the earthier, smoother characters you can enjoy.

  1. Some nice coconut water

You can eat the flesh raw or flake and even cook with its oil. However, the best way you can ingest the star of various tropical scenes is by just sticking a straw inside and drinking it. Coconut is technically a fruit; they may kill a larger number of people in a year than sharks, but they taste much better especially on a hot day.

  1. A Mojito

The drink has been named after an African amulet or Cuban seasoning. The Cubans in honor of Sir Francis Drake created the drink. The drink should be made fresh and straightforward, and you can always change it up depending on your preference.

  1. Cold glass of Carrot juice

Let us also identify a non-alcoholic drink you could enjoy on a hot day. We can both agree the drink is healthy enough to feature in your diet plans and it is still sweet enough to be enjoyed by the little kids.

  1. Sex on the beach

I do not know if it is the name or the ingredients the glass holds, but this drink is very famous in the summer days. It is composed of peach schnapps, cranberry juice, orange juice and some vodka.

  1. Some Gin and Tonic, famous in England

The British East India Company has used trust the British to make medicine from this, the quinine in tonic water to prevent malaria; it seems it is more palatable if you throw in some alcohol. However, we are glad they did as the fizz of gin and tonic being poured into your glass is almost as perfect as introducing a balmy evening.